• Went and checked this place out, it's huge and prices are about normal. They are on Rancho and Craig by the Planet Fitness. Super clean and good selection of bouncers, games, and miniature golf

    Casey S.
  • We've been in Vegas with 3 kids! It's been SOOO DIFFICULT and SO EXPENSIVE to do anything! BUT, we turned to yelp for some help, and doing this place. Good ratings so we checked it out. Showed up at 8 pm with some friends and their kids. They didn't charge for the babies or anyone not getting a bounce house wrist band. So for 6 kids and 4 adults, they only charged us for 3 paying kids ($30) they kept the place open for 2 hours with no one there but us. Customer service was GREAT, something for everyone in the family. We had SO MUCH fun and the workers had great attitudes the whole time, which definitely added to the fun. The vending machines are AFFORDABLE. All beverages... $1. Waters, Snapples, Gatorade, Sodas ... $1. This was refreshing after paying $5.50 for a redbull just an 90 minutes earlier. This place is about YOU having a great time for a very fair and affordable rate. I hope this place lasts, if you are looking for something to do with kids of ALL ages 0-99, this place deserves the business! The long gray haired manager was a cool dude.

    Joe R.
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA
  • Took my 3 year old here for the first time and he loved it! Has multiple bouncy houses inside along with a small ball pit, mini golf, and vr headsets. My son made so many friends and did not want to leave at all! We decided to also host his 4th birthday party here as well. The staff are super nice and easy to talk to and overall I would definitely recommend this place.

    Kelsee S.
    North Las Vegas, NV
  • My wife and I brought our 22 month old grandson here. He had a blast! We had fun as well! It is very clean, and new. The staff is very friendly and helpful. There was no charge for him being he is under 2, nor was there a charge for us because we only supervised. The admission otherwise is $10 per person for all day use, but only for those who are participating, not merely supervising. Miniature golf, video games, and the use of the gaming consoles are additional. It is well worth it and we will return! Cheers!

    Glenn M.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Went here to visit the indoor playground for our two year old and discovered so much more. Even adults can have fun with the activities here. The VR experience is pretty cool. If you've ever had the desire to try the oculus head set and play virtual reality then this is the place to do it. I did both a driving experience and a standing experience with VR. They have hundreds of games to choose from. It's amazing. Additionally, our two year old had a blast! (Under two years is free to enter). He ran around to all the jump tents and mazes and probably could have done this for a whole day. We learned that if you purchase a pass in the morning you can leave and return later without having to repay later. We also learned that they do private parties and have good space to fit a good amount of people. You should definitely try this place out! I thought I took more pics. The VR area is super impressive and these pictures don't do justice how big this place is. Enjoy!

    James R.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Was excited to try this indoor playground. It was nice, big, and kids had a good time... hey, they are "family owned and family friendly." I was able to put the fact that they nickel and dime you aside. However, after playing nearly 30 min my 4yo had an accident. I politely asked if they would be able to give comp us a voucher, since I just payed for multiple children to play and it had only been 30 minutes. Truth be told, their facility was nice... I was ready to purchase a membership. They were unwilling to help out at all and their answer was, you can come back later we are open till 10pm. This may work for older children. But it was a school night and already mid-afternoon. Coming back that later day with young children was not an option. I explained this and asked again.

    Answer was in so many words... I have children too, too bad. While I understand the money side of things, how nice would it have been for this "family friendly" business to understand and help out a bit? If it had been an hour I'd understand, and they don't sell back-up clothes (hint hint, this would be a great service). But this was 30 min tops. It would have been easy and they would have had scored a large family membership and some great WOM. Instead they lost it. For a great example of a family friendly, family owned and operated, great priced, and fun indoor playground I recommend Kids Club on Craig/Jones hands down.

    Mama G.
    Las Vegas, NV
  • Fun family center with lots of bounce houses. , 

    Mini golf course and video games! The staff is very friendly! The art inside is incredible! Love the theme they have and a lot of natural lighting! Perfect place to burn my son energy! Definitely will be returning!!

    Kelly B.
    St. George, UT
  • Friendly staff, decent sized area. We mainly partook of the mini golf. It's not the most complex course I've seen by any means, but it is fun and relatively quick. It does have 18 holes and the obligatory "get a hole in one on the last hole, get a free game). The dinosaur statues around the place are actually pretty cool. It's indoor and well staffed so it hasn't fallen to vandals or unmonitored punks tearing it up with clubs.

    All features you have to play around are static. No windmills or dinosaur tails going up and down in your way. Just curves and obstacles. Still fun, and not expensive.

    The bounce features were fun and there were quite a few, including a hopp shot style basketball game.

    They had a VR gaming system with several types and games to choose from, however, we did not play those.

    It's a fun place, reasonably priced, and they weren't stingy with the AC. We went on one of the hotter days in the summer and were very comfortable.

    A G.
    Anchorage, AK
  • This is the best place, ever! Not only is it INCREDIBLY CLEAN, but the staff is top notch! Our kids absolutely loved it. They had recliners for the parents, too. With only one way in and one way out, it was also safe. We're going to be frequenting this place.

    Bryce N.
    Melbourne, FL
  • This is the best place to have fun with my daughter I love also it's close to my house this place call (KIDS CLUB) is close by but is very small to many rules.. parents try this place

    Annie U.
    Los Angeles, CA